Become a Dirham Express Agent... An excellent opportunity

Dirham Express constantly strives to expand and enhance its wide network of agents. Do you manage a business? Join our network of Dirham Express agents and discover how you and your customers can benefit.

Agent’s Benefits:

  • Extend the range of services offered to customers.
  • Increase business traffic and attract more customers.
  • Increase revenue by collecting commissions on each transaction.
  • Enhance and reinforce the relationship with the customers and allow them to take advantage of the Dirham Express loyalty system.
  • Receive uninterrupted support from the Dirham Express Customer Service Center.

Agent’s Customer Benefits:

  • Receive competitive exchange rate and fees.
  • Use a safe, reliable and expedient service.
  • Make use of a well established network close to beneficiaries locations.
  • Receive transaction information by SMS, both for the sender and the recipient.

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