Our services

Spanning three continents, Dirham Express offers its customers the ability to issue money remittances through a fast, secure and reliable system.

Our Strengths:

  • Affordability: We focus on providing competitive exchange rates and fees significantly lower than the competition.
  • Wide Range Network: Our established partnerships with more than 40 correspondents provide our customers with a network of more than 20,000 points of sale.
  • Transaction Tracking: Our Customer Service Facility provides traceability of all payment orders. Senders and recipients are furthermore notified by Short Message Service (SMS) of the status of the money remittance.

Diverse Collection Network

Through its many partners and the continued expansion of its network, Dirham Express offers many different options for issuing payment orders:

  • The Correspondents: By partnering with leading financial institutions and duly licensed and registered money remittance companies, Dirham Express provides ability to send money from the United States (New York, Massachusetts, District of Columbia and Florida), Europe and the Middle East through more than 20,000 points of sale.
  • The E-Transfer platform: Customers can send money by credit/debit card from home through the Dirham Express website, using a secure and reliable system working 24 hours 7 days a week.
  • Branches: Dirham Express is introducing a network of its own dedicated branches in Europe, with the first branch opening in France.
  • The Agents: Dirham Express offers its services through a network of agents using our money remittance system (businesses authorized to offer money remittance services on behalf of Dirham Express), with the aim of getting the agent closer to its customers and create a new source of income.

Expanded Payment Network

Dirham Express continues to strengthen its presence in the receiving countries and be closer to the beneficiaries. The aim is to expand the payment network through agreements with partners in areas such as North and Middle Africa, Asia and South America.