At Dirham Express, we are driven by a set of values derived from a shared vision and the achievement of common goals: Commitment, integrity, transparency, proximity and reactivity.

Commitment: A major component in our history. Getting involved with our customers and working tirelessly to strengthen our services, allowed us in a little over a decade to establish ourselves prominently in the money transfer market.

Integrity: Our services and corporate culture is based on integrity. We keep our promises, fulfill our commitments and earn the confidence of our employees, partners and customers.

Transparency: Dirham Express offers its customers an easy and efficient way to monitor their activity and track their transactions at every stage of the process until it reaches the recipient.

Proximity: Dirham Express provides a professional, efficient and omnipresent support to its partners and customers.

Reactivity: Dirham Express provides immediate responses to all inquiries throughout its worldwide network. Special attention is made when responding to customer’s inquiries with emphasis on providing practical, informative and immediate answers.