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These general terms and conditions apply to and govern your access and use of the online money transfer services provided via the DIRHAM EXPRESS Ltd online platform, Head Office, Forshythe House, Cromac Square, Belfast, County Antrim BT2 8LA.

For simplicity purposes we will refer to ourselves and to our branches and agents as the "Company" or "we/us/our."

The Company is authorized and registered with THE FINANCIAL CONDUCT AUTHORITY ("FCA") under the 2009 Payment Services Regulations for the provision of payment services.

We have a money transfer service that you may use to send money. Money transfers can be sent and received in most places in the world. You can call our number in France: 0800 40 50 90 or visit our website at WWW.DIRHAMEXPRESS.COMor visit one of our local branches in each country during business hours.

All payments are subject to availability; the beneficiary shall show proof of identity with supporting documents, and provide details about the money transfer required by us as set out in these terms and conditions, including, but not limited to, the payer’s name, country of origin, the name of the payee, the amount to be paid, identification and control number of the transaction; and meet any other conditions or requirements that we may deem necessary or applicable before payment is issued to the beneficiary.

1.1 We agree to provide you a money transfer service. We accept no responsibility for goods or services that may be paid by the money transfer (or any taxes or fees). You are cautioned against sending money to anyone you do not know. You bear the risk if the recipient does not cash the money after its transfer to the correct destination.


2.11 We can accept your electronic instructions as inputted into our system. This applies to all present and future activities with you,but that does not mean that we can currently accept all types of electronic communications: we shall inform you about the means of contact we will accept.

2.2 Note that there can be no signature, security or protection of password for email, phone, fax and other future forms of electronic communication. You must take this clause into account if you decide to allow us to accept such information.

When and if we decide to accept any form or forms of electronic communication from you, we shall notify:

2.2.1 Against the use of mobile phones to contact us, since they may be intercepted or heard;

2.2.2 To be careful not to let others see your details if you are online in a public place, and

2.2.3 against the use of email to send us confidential information.

2.3 Where we agree to accept instructions in a particular format (including electronic format), we will not be able to act on the instructions unless they are legible and clear.

2.4 We may refuse to act on any communication, even if we told you that we would generally accept this type of instruction.

We could do this, especially if we consider that there is doubt as to the validity of the communication and it is in our interest or yours. However, we are not required to verify or investigate the validity of your communications unless we have already agreed to a validation system with you. Subject to legal or regulatory requirements which may apply, we are entitled to act upon any instruction, agreement or arrangement without questioning its purpose, or the circumstances under which they are given, or the disposition of a product.

2.5 If we come to believe that you can not have a duly authorized communication, we could, after making reasonable efforts to determine whether it was authorized, refuse to act on the instruction and take steps to cancel any action already taken in this regard.

2.6 Without prejudice to Article 6 of these Terms and Conditions, we can rely and act without further investigation on electronic communications that we reasonably believe you have given us, even if in fact they do not come from you, and we can assume that:

2.6.1 A person identifying himself with the right connection address, username and password is authorized to inform us and carry out a payment transaction, and

2.6.2 All payment operations are valid when the right connection address, username and password have been used.

2.7 You must follow the security procedures that we put in place. We may also ask you to sign a separate agreement before using certain types of electronic communications to send instructions and have access to certain types of services electronically.

2.8 We may require that you confirm any electronic communication in a standard written form on the next business day. We do not need to wait for confirmation before acting on the instruction. For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, "Business Day" means any day on which the receiving bank is open to the public (other than a Saturday or a Sunday or a public holiday) for the execution of a payment operation.

2.9 We may contact you by any form of electronic communication through which you have chosen to give instructions.

2.10 We shall provide you with a copy of these terms and conditions on request.

2.11 After we receive an electronic payment instruction from you as a payer, we would make available to you the following information, in accordance to the conditions of Article 2.14:

2.11.1 A reference to identify each payment operation and, where appropriate, information relating to the payee;

2.11.2 The amount of the payment operation in the currency used for the payment instruction;

2.11 After we receive an electronic payment instruction from you as a payer,we would make available to you the following information, in accordance to the conditions of Article 2.14:

2.11.1 A reference to identify each payment operation and, where appropriate, information relating to the payee;

2.11.2 The amount of the payment operation in the currency used for the payment instruction;

2.11.3 The amount of the transfer fee for the payment operation payable by you;

2.11.4 The exchange rate used in the payment operation by us and the amount of the payment operation after currency conversion;

2.11.5 and the date of receipt of your payment instruction by us.

2.12 After an electronic payment operation, we shall provide the beneficiary the following information, in accordance with Article 2.14:

2.12.1 A reference enabling the identification of the payment operation and, where appropriate, the payer and any information transferred with the operation, and

2.12.2 The amount of the payment operation in the currency in which the funds are available to you;

2.13 The information referred to in paragraph 2.12 above, unless otherwise agreed, is made available for you to review and verify before consenting to the transfer. You can have access and review the transfer confirmations and communications we send to you within a reasonable time after their receipt and you agree to notify us immediately of any apparent error or discrepancy. Delay in notification can make the correction of any error difficult.

If you prefer paperless communications with us, we can communicate and make available all relevant information of the transaction to you through an internet service for the transmission of money accessible via our website. To access the internet money transfer service, you will need a computer with a web browser and an internet connection and a working email address.

2.14 If you want information about a payment operation, please contact us using the contact details provided in clause 10.2 of these Terms and Conditions or via our website using the "transaction tracking" system.


3.1 We shall use with care, reasonable expertise when executing money transfer operations for you, but you must keep in mind that your payments do not generate profit and our service does not have a government-sponsored insurance or a guarantee or compensation process (eg, no compensation is available on Financial Services or a compensation process if we are unable to meet our commitments) and the company's relationship with you is not that of a bank or an authorized representative.

3.2 You must not give anyone your security details, like a password or PIN code.You must notify us promptly in writing or by telephone using the contact details provided in clause 10.2 of these Terms or via our website after you realize that someone else knows your password, PIN code or other safety information or that one of these elements has been lost, stolen or misused, and we will take immediate steps to try to prevent their use.

3.3 You agree to help us in our fight against Money Laundering, security validation and verification responsibilities by providing information and evidence we may ask you from time to time in this regard. You agree to notify us immediately of any change in the details you have provided us. In addition, we may, at our sole discretion, require other documents to be delivered to us at anytime during our relation with you in order to fulfil our legal and regulatory obligations.

3.4 You declare and certify that:

3.4.1 You are over 18 years old

3.4.2 The information and details you provide us are true, accurate and complete

3.4.3 Your instructions to transfer money to us and use of your selected form of payment from us will not be a violation of any applicable agreement, law or regulation and you undertake to compensate us for any loss we suffer as a result (of the instances mentioned above) if they are false or inaccurate.

3.5 We may use information about you and your individual representatives in order to fulfil the responsibilities referred to in paragraphs 3.3, 5.8,5.11 and 5.12 to provide services and manage our relations with you. We may disclose this information to payers, beneficiaries and intermediaries in the provision of our services or as required by EC Regulation 1781/2006 relating to information on the originator of the funds transfer, the people with whom we share information in the fight against money laundering, for security verification or validation; regulatory authorities and prosecution; service providers acting on our behalf; (see Article 11 on data protection for more details...)

This may involve the transfer of information to countries that do not have laws on data protection as strict as those of the United Kingdom. Those who wish to access or correct the information we hold about them can do so by contacting our data protection officer by either calling the following telephone number: 0800 40 50 90 or sending an email to compliance@dirhamexpress.com. Before giving us information on any person, you must ensure they are aware of the issues set out in this clause 3.5.


4.1 Our transaction fees are disclosed on our website. This information is also displayed prominently in our premises and those of our branches and offices or may be obtained by contacting us using the contact details provided in clause 10.2 of these Terms. You agree to pay our fee for each payment transaction.

4.2 If you wish so, we can deduct the transfer fee for every payment of the money transferred before it is made available to the beneficiary of an international payment, if you specify it when inputting the transaction. Your confirmation, will give you details of the information that we regularly make available to you (using, in common agreement, the means by which you wish to be informed) of the total amount paid.

4.3 We may at any time modify any of our prices. We shall notify you (in accordance with clause 7.5 of these Terms and Conditions) at least 2 months before the effective date of these changes. Please see Section 7 of these Terms and Conditions which explains in more detail the procedures for amending our contract terms.

4.4 The exchange rate applicable to payment transactions, as well as the relevant date and exchange rate basis used to determine the applicable exchange rate are displayed on our website, and are very visible at our offices and those of our branches and agents, or may be obtained by contacting us at the address mentioned in clause 10.2 of these General Terms.

Payment operations will be executed, unless otherwise agreed, in the currency of the destination country. The money transferred will be converted into local currency at the time of transfer and the recipient will receive the equivalent of the amount of the foreign currency in question.The amount transferred is converted when the principal accepts and authorizes the transfer using the current and displayed exchange rate.

4.5 We may modify our exchange rates at any time and without prior notice. These modifications in exchange rates will be applied immediately; however, you will always be notified of the prevailing rate when you start a transfer.

4.6 A text message notification to the recipient that the money transferred is available is made in most countries.


5.1 For a payment instruction from you to be processed correctly, you must provide us with the correct information on the recipient or a unique identifier that is necessary for the proper execution of the payment instruction.

If the information provided is incorrect, it could result in a delay of the payment operation or the amount transferred may be lost. The information could include the code of the beneficiary's bank account number or, if applicable, the beneficiary's SWIFT number, the BIC and IBAN number

5.2 You must agree to these terms and conditions, electronically or otherwise, prior to the execution of the payment operation.

5.3 We reserve the right to discontinue the use of a custom set of procedures agreed upon between you and us, used by you to issue payment instructions to us on reasonable grounds, relating to:

5.3.1 The safety features of these securities

5.3.2 The alleged unauthorized or fraudulent use of security features.

5.4 We shall execute payment instructions, in a way that the amount transferred reaches the payment service provider no later than one hour after receipt of your instruction. We must receive payment instructions before the deadline specified or obtained by contacting us using the contact details provided in clause 10.2 of these Terms and Conditions or on our website or we would assume that the instruction was received on the following business day. Instructions received on non business days shall be considered received on the next business day.

5.5 Upon receipt of your payment order, you cannot cancel it unless the payment has not been processed.

5.6 When we receive a payment instruction for the execution of payment on your behalf on a special day, you agree that the time of receipt is the day on which the payment instruction will be executed and that the exchange rate of the day will be used to convert the funds.

5.7 It is your responsibility to ensure that the money you pay us is enough to cover each payment operation you authorize us to execute. We shall not execute any charged money transfer according to your instructions, unless you have paid sufficient funds first. When we accept a credit or debit card or other forms of non-monetary payment from you we make no promise to proceed to the payment of any corresponding sum if your mode of payment is not recoverable, and we assume no responsibility for damage resulting from non-payment of money due to lack of funds.

5.8 Applicable laws prohibit customers who transfer funds to do business with certain individuals and countries. To comply with these laws, we are under the obligation to monitor and compare all transfers with a list of names provided by the various governments and / or government agencies. If any match is found, we shall suspend the transfer and request for additional information on the sender or beneficiary, as appropriate. After satisfactory examination, the transfer payment shall then be performed.

5.9 We have the right to refuse to accept payment instructions and refuse to execute a payment operation for the following reasons:

5.9.1 If any provision in these Terms and Conditions have not been satisfied, or

5.9.2 If execution would be unlawful.

5.10 If a payment instruction is declined, you may contact us using the contact details provided in clause 10.2 of these Terms or via our website.

If we decline the payment instruction, we would inform you (no later than the end of the next business day and if permissible by the applicable laws), why the payment instruction was declined, to the extent possible. If the reason for our declining the payment instruction was based on inaccurate information, we will rectify the situation promptly.

5.11. You acknowledge that we may retain sums received by us until our security confirmation, verification and anti-money laundering procedures are completed, before you can remove them or proceed with the transfer. Our website contains a list of reasons to prohibit transfer of money for both sending and receiving (including, without limitation, the purchase of drugs and weapons, and in some countries, gambling). You agree not to process, transmit and receive transfer payments from or in connection with any purpose that is unlawful or criminal. We can report suspicious activity regarding your transactions to the competent authorities.

5.12 Additional security measures may be required for certain payment operations (independent from the amount of the payment) and, in addition, the beneficiary may be required to provide documented proof of their identity. Further information on the use of security measures for the destinations of your payment transfers are available on our website or by contacting us using the contact details provided in clause 10.2 of these Terms.

5.13 You can not be protected against reverse transfers of money for which you are the beneficiary, when the operation is due to the use of a stolen or unauthorized payment instrument or the means of authentication by the payer. Once a recipient receives a payment sent by us in accordance with your instructions as a payer, the payment can normally not be reversed.


6.1 The extent of your responsibility as a payer for the losses you have incurred in respect of an unauthorized payment operation:

6.1.1 arising from use, loss or theft where you have failed to ensure the safety, misappropriation of personalized security devices or procedures agreed between you and us for your use, to give us payment instructions, including (without limitation) an unauthorized payment operation through electronic communication or misuse of the security features of our electronic communications services, is a maximum of 50 euros (or its local equivalent), or.

6.1.2 When you have acted fraudulently, have intended to or have acted in serious carelessness by failing to: (i) take all reasonable steps to ensure the safety of one of the personalized security processes or procedures agreed between you and us for your use, to give us payment instructions, including (without limitation) an unauthorized payment operation through electronic communication or misuse of security devices of our electronic communications services, (ii) use of such processes and procedures in accordance with the terms and conditions of issuance and use, or (iii) written notification or by telephone using the contact details provided in clause 10.2 of these Terms and Conditions or via our website promptly after becoming aware of the loss, theft, misappropriation or unauthorized use of safety processes or procedures, is the total amount of these losses.

6.2 You may be entitled to compensation for an unauthorized or incorrectly executed payment operation only if you notify us in writing or by telephone using the contact details provided in clause 10.2 of these Terms without delay after noticing an unauthorized or incorrectly executed payment operation, and in any event no later than 3 months after the debit date. Such compensation may include, in relation to a payment operation executed without authorization, our refund of the amount of the unauthorised payment operation.

6.3 When you start a payment instruction as a payer, we are liable to you for the correct execution of the payment operation unless the payment service provider has received the amount of the payment operation in accordance with the deadlines for the execution of payment instructions set out in clause 5.4 of these Terms and Conditions. You can ask us to provide immediate efforts to trace the payment operation and notify you of the results.

While we are liable to you as an originator under this Section 6.3 for a payment operation that is not executed or poorly executed, we can immediately return the amount of the unexecuted or poorly executed payment operation.

6.4 If we commit a breach to the contract or otherwise are negligent, we can reasonably expect your loss directly resulting from our negligence or breach, in which case we would be liable to you.

6.5 We are not be liable for losses which are not directly related to any incident that may lead you to make a claim against us. We are not responsible for lost profits, loss of business, loss of goodwill or any other form of special damages whether such liability was reasonably foreseeable or not and whether we have been advised of the possibility of such losses or not.

6.6 Nothing in clauses 6.4 and 6.5 of these Terms and Conditions excludes our liability for fraudulent misrepresentation by us, our employees or agents or our liability for death or personal injury caused by our negligence or the negligence of our employees or agents.

6.7 Notwithstanding any other provision in these Terms and Conditions, we will not be liable to you or be required to fulfil our obligations under these Terms and Conditions, if we are prevented, impeded or delayed in operating or in the exercise of any of our obligations under these terms and conditions due to unusual and unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control (including a strike, closing, labour dispute, natural disaster, war, riot, civil disorder, intentional damage, in accordance with a law or governmental order, rule, regulation or from direction, accident, breakdown or other failure of hardware, software or communications network, fire, flood, or other circumstances affecting the supply of goods or services).

6.8 You acknowledge that our site is subject to maintenance and periodic testing and you may not be able to access it from time to time. We shall not be responsible for any loss that you may incur as a result of your inability to access the website at any time.

6.9 You shall send us all relevant supporting documents with respect to any claim you make for a refund or compensation.


7.1 We may change any provision of these Terms and Conditions.

7.2 We shall notify you in writing, at least two months before making any modifications to these Terms and Conditions. You will be considered to have accepted such modifications if you do not notify us otherwise prior to the date such changes come into effect. However, if you choose not to accept such modifications, we confirm that this change is deemed to be a notice of termination in accordance with paragraph 7.8 of these Terms and our agreement under these Terms and Conditions will end the day before any amendment becomes effective.

7.3 Whether have made a major change or a lot of minor changes in a year, we will give you a copy of the new terms and conditions or a summary of changes.

7.4 If we agree to set the conditions for a certain time, we shall not make any modifications during this period.

7.5 When announcing a modification, we shall do so by letter, email, text messages or any other way. You will be notified individually in a way that we reasonably believe is likely to reach you, and that meets the legal standards and other regulatory requirements.

7.6 Our agreement under these Terms and Conditions shall continue until terminated in accordance with this Article 7.

7.7 You may terminate this Agreement pursuant to these Terms and Conditions by giving us written notice at least one month before. We will not charge you the termination of our agreement under these Terms and Conditions.

7.8 We may terminate our agreement under these Terms and Conditions by giving you written notice at least two months before. Such termination will not release you from any liability in respect of all amounts due to us or any previous responsibility for any act executed by us in accordance with instructions received from you.

7.9 If you are an individual, and until we conclude our agreement with you under these Terms and Conditions, we have communicated with you only for the purposes of the Agreement without, either you and us, physically present at the same time, you have a right to cancel the agreement when you give us your instructions for the first payment to the date on which you indicate your acceptance of this agreement ("day of conclusion") and ending at the expiration of 14 calendar days from the day following the conclusion of the agreement.

This right may be exercised by contacting us at our address, fax number or e-mail using the contact details set out in clause 10.2 or via our website and telling us that you wish to cancel your agreement with us. If you exercise this right before you have sent a payment instruction, the agreement will be terminated and the cancellation fee will not be charged. If you exercise your right after you have sent us your payment instruction, we may deduct a cancellation fee from the money you have already paid before we transfer the money back to you (please note that we will not be able to refund any money if we have already completed your payment order). If you do not exercise this right, the agreement would not have been cancelled by you.


8.1 Termination of this Agreement pursuant to these Terms and Conditions does not affect either your or our stated rights and obligations at the date of termination.

8.2 A failure to exercise or delay in exercising any right or recourse under these terms and conditions or by law does not constitute a waiver of such right or remedy or a waiver of other rights or appeal.No single or partial exercise of the right or appeal under these terms and conditions or by law would prevent the exercise of any other right or appeal.

8.3 If any clause or obligation under these terms and conditions is invalid, illegal or non applicable in any jurisdiction, the validity, lawfulness and enforceability of the remaining provisions or obligations, or of such clause or obligation in another State, should not in any way be affected or reduced.

8.4 You may not assign, transfer or create a trust in respect to, or pretend to assign/cease, transfer or create a trust in respect to a right or obligation under these Terms and Conditions.

8.5 Neither these Terms and Conditions, nor any transaction undertaken under the rights and obligations would grant any contractual rights or other rights, made enforceable against us, or any party other than you.


9.1 These Terms and Conditions of Use and our agreement under these Terms and Conditions and all matters arising from or related to these Terms of Use and agreement are governed by English law.

9.2 The courts of England shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute arising from or relating to these Terms of Use and agreement under these Terms and Conditions (including any dispute regarding its existence, validity or termination or with respect to any non-contractual obligation or otherwise arising from or in connection with them) or the consequences of their nullity. You may also be eligible for compensation in case of disputes arising from or in connection with these Terms and Conditions by the dispute settlement mechanism provided by the Financial Ombudsman Service (please see below for details).


10.1 If you have any questions or need a copy of these Terms and Conditions (or any other document that it constitutes), please contact us using the details listed in Article 10.2 of the General Conditions.

10.2 We aim to provide the highest possible level of customer service. If you encounter a problem, we shall always try to resolve it as quickly and efficiently as possible. However, if you are not satisfied and want to file a complaint, you are requested to refer to our claims policy for more details on our internal process of handling complaints. Our claims and complaints handling process is available upon request from our Customer Service at customerservice@dirhamexpress.com

We will then review your complaint and try to reach a satisfactory outcome. Complaints may be recorded and monitored for internal use and we can provide an anonymous summary of complaints made to us for a period of time to our regulatory organ. If you are not satisfied with our final response or if we have not completed our investigation after 8 weeks, you can submit your complaint to: The Financial Ombudsman Service, South Quay Plaza, 183 Marsh Wall, London E14 9SR or at www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk.


11.1 Your personal information is treated in accordance with the applicable laws and is controlled by Dirham Express. Dirham Express uses personal data ("Information") given in the instructions for cash transfers, along with other information that is collected or generated in the course of your relationship with Dirham Express, such as transaction details, the loyalty program, transaction history and marketing preferences, in order to provide the requested services (including among others, for purposes such as administration, customer service, user validation, fraud prevention and product and business development activities).

11.2 Dirham Express may also use the information in connection with other products, services, convenience and / or reward programs that you signed for with Dirham Express or its affiliates. Dirham Express collects and saves the information the sender gives of another person like the details of the beneficiary of a money transfer that is required to complete the transaction.

11.3 Dirham Express or its subsidiaries and business partners may send commercial communications regarding Dirham Express products and services by phone / email / text message to the sender. If you do not wish to receive such communications, please contact Dirham Express as stated above in article 10.2.

11.4 Dirham Express may disclose information to third parties with whom we have a contractual relationship to protect information such as authorized service providers, agents and other third parties that are reasonably necessary for the purposes stated in these Terms and Conditions, and to perform money transfers or to facilitate future transactions, or to supplement information with information from publicly available sources, such as information to validate the accuracy of your address. Dirham Express may also disclose information to third parties when it is reasonably necessary for the purposes of the prevention and detection of crime, the prosecution of offenders, for national security or when required by law. Dirham Express retains information, marketing preferences and transaction history of the sender on the basis of our retention schedule for a period not exceeding that necessary for the purposes for which the data were collected and in compliance with applicable laws. If the sender has not made another transaction within the retention period, the sender information and all marketing preferences will be cancelled.

11.5 You have the right to access and request a copy of your information against a small fee payable to Dirham Express to the extent permitted by law. You may also correct, delete or block information that is incomplete, incorrect or out-dated. You may also oppose the processing of your information at any time for legitimate reasons relating to your specific situation, when the treatment is not necessary to complete the service. If you wish to exercise these rights, or no longer wish to receive commercial communications from Dirham Express, please contact Dirham Express in accordance with applicable law by writing to the address specified above, in article 10.2.



Direct transaction to the bank or service card ("Service"), allows you to credit the bank account of a designated beneficiary ("beneficiary") using the credit card. Service availability depends on transaction conditions, including certain amounts sent, the destination, the availability of foreign exchange, regulatory issues, identification requirements, bank participation and hours of operation of the Bank, including local and bank holidays, and the bank's policies regarding the availability of funds.

Services are available only to certain banks in certain countries. Funds can be transferred to intermediary banks or other financial institutions before reaching the destination bank (the bank to which you have sent the funds). The intermediary banks or other financial institutions are solely responsible for crediting the bank account specified by you. Transfers will generally be credited to the destination bank within 3 business days after sending the money, subject to the hours of operation of the bank, including local and bank holidays, and the policies of availability of funds.


(a) That exceed a predetermined threshold;

(b) To some destinations;

(c) That implicate certain regulatory issues, or

(d) Sent through delayed options, may take more time, be subject to limits or be subject to additional restrictions.


Dirham Express does not receive any compensation from recipients or intermediary banks or other financial institutions for its services. Dirham Express accepts no liability from you or any account holder for actions or omissions of destination or intermediary banks, including the imposition of additional costs or fees. Neither Dirham Express nor its agents approve or recommend the services of just any bank. While Dirham Express can send money to a wide range of accounts; banks and financial institutions listed on this site are not affiliated with Dirham Express and do not necessarily endorse the use of direct transaction with the Bank or card Service

Immediately contact Dirham Express at the address listed above if the amount credited to the designated bank account is less than the designated amount payable on the receipt of the transaction.


The tracking of a direct money transfer transaction to a bank account or to a card is generally not within the recourse of Dirham Express once it has been sent by Dirham Express.You or the receiver can apply directly to the receiving bank, which may charge a fee for this investigation.

12.1.4 REFUNDS :

PRINCIPAL REFUNDS and cancellation of direct transactions to Card or account will generally be made if the bank account of the receiver (recipient) has not been credited when Dirham Express treats your written request for a refund. Principal repayments may be subject to additional fees imposed by the destination bank and/or exchange rates (if any) applied by the destination bank and/or Dirham Express.


REFUNDS OF TRANSFER FEES are generally made if funds are not credited to the designated account within 3 banking days, subject to restrictions, except in the case where it is caused by (i) conditions beyond the control of Dirham Express or its agents such as insufficient telecommunications or (ii) any inaccurate, incomplete or illegible information provided by you. Qualified refunds will be made within 45 days of receipt of your written and validated request.


A customer who is in the European Union may send a cash payment to a Dirham Express customer through the web site. Dirham Express reserves the right to limit the amount of any cash transaction or to reject it at its sole discretion. Dirham Express assumes no obligation to pay the cash transaction or complete a cash transaction, if Dirham Express has not been authorized by the issuer. Dirham Express assumes no liability for damage resulting from non-payment of the transaction due to lack of authorization. Dirham Express is not affiliated with the receiver and assumes no responsibility or liability with regard to the products or services that you can order or receive from the receiver. You agree that Dirham Express assumes no responsibility for wrongful acts, negligence or errors of the receiver or his/her inability to properly or in a timely fashion, give you credit for the money you send him/her via Dirham Express.


You may cancel your cash transaction, if the beneficiary has not yet received payment. All refunds will be made within 45 days of receipt of a valid written request to the address indicated above clause 10.2 . Under certain circumstances, a beneficiary may refuse to accept a payment. In such cases, if the beneficiary promptly notifies Dirham Express of the refusal,Dirham Express may cancel the payment operation and refund the amount of the transaction (but not transfer fees) to you. If the receiver does not communicate refusal to Dirham Express promptly, the transaction will be completed; Dirham Express will not be held responsible for the refund and you agree to obtain the refund directly from the receiver.